Equity Raisings

Rundle Capital Partners provides clients with a unique approach to capital market transactions. Being independent from broking houses, our role, capabilities and contribution are quite different from the 'integrated' investment banks. By acting as an independent advisor to companies, Rundle Capital Partners ensures that clients receive the best terms from lead managers and capital providers.

Capital Structure Advice

  • advice on optimal capital structure;
  • advice on financing alternatives including equity, debt and hybrid forms of security.

Intial Public Offerings

  • management of IPOs on behalf of issuers including float structuring, prospectus preparation, management of due diligence process and selections and appointment of underwriters/lead managers.

Private and Public Equity Raisings

  • management of capital raisings including preparation of marketing material, negotiations with investors and advice on pricing and structuring.

Debt Raisings

  • preparation of submissions to debt providers, negotiations and evaluation of alternative loan proposals.